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ZOOM sessions - Free, Fun & Interactive

Zoom is a great way to meet new people, to learn new things and to ask plenty of questions.

Every Wednesday, and now Fridays, you can join the Blenderfordental team and dive right into the amazing world of Blender 3D.

The 'Friday Night Live' session is geared up for those who just want to check it out and to see what all the fuss is about. Newcomers to Blender will learn some of the basic functions, like navigating within the 3D work space, opening and closing various windows, and how to work with the mesh.

You'll also learn how easy it is to create your own dental models with dies, how to articulate your dental models and how to make study models. If you are new to CAD, and you're thinking of getting into 3D printing, Blenderfordental offers the perfect cost effective solution.

Our new 'Friday Night Live' session caters for our Londoners and our EU friends. Join us at 8PM GMT. For our American audience, it's the end of the week and a perfect time to check out some of the latest tech. We're on at 4PM EDT (check your local time zone).

Zoom sessions are casual, we laugh a lot, we learn a lot, and we have a great time.

Our regular 'Deep Dive Wednesday' sessions starts at 9PM AEST Brisbane time, and covers other modules. You'll learn new tricks, especially when designing occlusal splints and implant guides.

All Zoom sessions are recorded, so if you miss something, don't worry just subscribe to the Blenderfordental Youtube channel, to catch up.

Blenderfordental has an amazing support network with very talented users, so if you need help in your own language, feel free to contact one of our B4D tutors.

Bookings for Zoom can be made in advance through the online booking feature on the website.

We limit bookings to 50 people, so get in early. Please remember we are located in Australia, our time zone is AEST.

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