How do I get to my new module after purchase?

Navigate to the 'My Modules' webpage. In order to get access to your new module, refresh the page twice. When you see a green check mark in the module image, press on the 'Go to Link' button. This will direct you to the module webpage with the add-on installer and the tutorial videos.

Where do I find my module add-on?

The add-on is located in your module webpage after purchase. Look for the blue folder and click on it. For PC use the .exe installer, for Mac use the .dmg installer.

Where do I find my password?

Passwords are used to install the modules into Blender. These are in the form of online 'Activation Keys'. Please watch the video 'How to install Blenderfordental'

How do I install my module?

Simply follow the installation video which is in the Model Designer module web page. Please remember, the Mac version is different to the PC version. The video is also available in the member's page - Instructions: Install Blender 2.83. Then use all the installer for your module in the left blue folder. Please use the .exe for PC, and the .dmg for Mac. If the installer is blocked by a anti-virus screening software, allow the installer to run. For PC: After using the installer, when you navigate into the B4D folder on your C-drive, you should see the module folder listed there. eg. C:\B4D\ModelDesignerPC. When you double click on the ModeldesignerPC folder, you should see a number of different files and folders. For Mac: After using the installer, open a new Finder Window, then go into your Application folder. You should see the tooth icon with B4D. Open this and double click on the ModelDesignerMac folder. You should see a number of different files and folders. Open Blender 2.83. Navigate to Edit, Preferences, Add-ons, Install (top button), navigate to the C:\B4D\ModelDesignerPC\, select it and press 'Install add on', wait a while for it to load, tick the check box. Open the pie menu editor by using the arrow, move down to import, skip if exists, locate the C:\B4D\ModelDesignerPC\ Select it. Press Website activation. This will take you to the webpage For trouble free activation turn off VPN if you have one, use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Opera. Firefox and Bing, old internet explorer do not work correctly. Diminish your browser window to fit on the left hand side of your screen, with the Blender activation pop-up in the background. In the webpage, locate the module image, press 'Activate', then again press 'Now Press Here To Activate Your Module'. Wait for the confirmation message, then go directly to the 'Finalize Installation' button. Press on that. Wait for the confirmation, then move down and press 'Import Menus'. Wait around ten seconds for the menu items to load into the Pie Menu Editor window pane. From here follow the rest of the installation, as per video .... bool, loop, objects, 3D, measure, theme, lights, navigation and finally save your preferences.

I'm having trouble with the installation, where do I find help?

We are here to help you. We can do the installation for you, this will only take a few minutes. Please install TeamViewer and provide us with your TeamViewer ID and password. We might be in a different time zone, AEST (Australia Eastern Standard Time), so please be patient. You can also use the booking feature on the website to find a suitable time. To speed up the process, ensure that you have the recommended Blender software program downloaded and installed. Also install all your modules by using the installers for each module. These are loacted in the left hand side blue folder in the module webpage. All Blenderfordental moduules should reside in the C:\B4D folder on a PC computer. For Mac computers - /Applications/B4D . The modules will not work if they are installed into differect directories. We would be grateful if you can do this preparatory work is advance, before we login to your computer.

What about updates?

Once purchased, all updates are free. Regularly check the Update log to see if you need to update your module. The update log can be found in different locations. 1) There is a hyperlink in the Model Designer module webpage with a timestamp showing the last entry. 2) In the Model Designer menu inside Blender there us a world icon 'Video' button. Press that to display the Update log. 3) In the 'My Module' webpage you'll see the update log hyperlink in the left column. Updates play an important part in keeping the software as user friendly as possible. It also gives us the opportunity to include new features. Some of these features come from suggestions made by the Blenderfordental community. To find out how to update you can watch the video on the website

Can I login from my other computer?

Yes, by using your user credentials. The tutorial videos can be watched from multiple browsers, however only with your own user login.

How do I update my module?

The update log will let you know what type of update is required. For script changes simply press the 'Update Module' button. Wait for the button to no longer be lit up and for the confirmation messaage to appear. No further action is required. For updates with menu changes - Press the 'Update Module' button and wait for the download to complete. Please do not exist this procedure even if Blender says 'Not Responding'. After the confirmation message appears, press the 'Import New Menu' button, then look for the file in the module you are updating, select the file, then use the online 'Cut & Paste' activation key feature. When this is done, please 'Save your Preferences'. Please check the video on 'How to Update a Module' for a detailed description. ''

Google Chrome is blocking the module, I can't download it. I get the message  (......exe may be dangerous, so Chrome has blocked it.)

If you have this message, do the following. Navigate to the three dots in the upper right corner of the browser window, scroll down to 'Settings'. Go to 'Privacy and security', click on 'Security', check the 'No protection (not recommended) circle, 'Turn off' safe browsing. For older Chrome versions: 'Settings', 'Advanced', 'Sync and Google Services', then disable 'Safe Browsing'. Continue and download the module. Then install it by using the online activation feature. When you have completed this, enter back into your Chrome settings and change the 'Safe Browsing, back to your preferred protection. Alternatively, you can use Microsoft Edge/Google for both PC Windows & Mac. Safari for Mac and Firefox. These browser do not block the exe or dmg installers.

My menu does not respond?

This means the python codes behind each menu button are not linked up correctly. There are two reasons which could cause this issue. 1) The 'Update Module' button may have been pressed and Blender was closed down before the download had a chance to complete. A lengthy wait could be due to slow internet connection. Some modules may take around 30-40 seconds to update with an internet download speed of 25mbs. To check if this is indeed the issue - open the ModelDesignerPC folder (or any other module folder) in your C:\B4D directory. If the folder is empty, this means the 'Update Module' process was interupted and there are no python codes in the folder. To remedy this, press the 'Update Module' button again and wait until the button is no longer lit up, even if Blender says 'Not Responding. You should see the confirmation message shows up after a little while. The menu will work again. 2) Your Blenderfordental modules reside in a different directory and they are not located in your C drive. ie. C:\B4D\ModelDesignerPC

What updates are there?

There are three types of updates: 1) Script updates - a python script for a particular menu button needed some work to improve its function. The menu button itself was not changes. For this type of update, please just press the 'Update Module' button. No other action is needed. The upldate log will inform you of script changes. 2) Menu button changes, or new menu buttons are added into the menu. For this kind of update a new menu needs to be installed. To do this, press the 'Update Module' button. Wait for the confrimation message, then press the 'Import New menu' button. Look for the xxxx, file which is relevant for that particular module, then proceed to the website activations. Install the menu, then 'Save your Preferences'. For this type of update, all activations are wound back. 3) Add-on updates. For example when updating the Pie menu Editor. Press the 'Update Module' button on the menu. Then go into Edit, Preferences, Add-ons, Install, ...look for the Pie Menu editor in your ModelDesgnerPC folder, Install Add-on, Save your Preferences, Restart Blender. A video on how to update can be found in There are also written instructions. These can be found by pressing the world/video tab in the Model Designer menu inside Blender.

How can I get hold of the B4D team?

The easiest way of communication is through the chat feature on the website. Bottom right corner, just press the blue chat icon. You can also email Please keep in mind that we are located in Australia and our time zone is AEST. We work long hours, so we are available most of the time. If you have caught us through the night, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

My Activations are not successful?

Activations are a way of unlocking your module file so it can be incorporated into the Blender menu. Sometimes the module takes a few seconds to load after website activation and pressing the 'Finalize Installation' button. If the loading of the module is not successful, please try a different browser, like Microsoft Edge, or try updating Google Chrome. An outdated browser could cause issues. It is also possible you may be using a VPN Software which disallows the script from running. If you are unsuccessful, please try again. Don't worry we will renew your installations. If you need remote assistance, please get in touch.

I'm using SAFARI on my Mac Computer and I get a pop-up message when using my activation key. What should I do next?

Safari has resently updating their Copy & Paste scripting which results in a pop-up message being shown during activation. When you see the activation key displayed in the pop-up message, use COMMAND C. This will copy the activation key on to your clipboard. Follow the usual step, go to Blender and press the 'Paste Key & Finalise' button. Please remember, the Model Designer module can take up to 30 seconds to load. Please be patient. Alternatively, to avoid this pop-up window, we recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

My blue folder with the installer is not showing?

This can occur if you are running a VPN software, for example Kaspersky, Norde or AVG. Please turn these off temporarily to get access to the download folder. This may also cause the learning videos not to show.

How does the Password or Activation Key work?

In order to install your module into Blender you will need to first select the file and then 'Copy & Paste' a password string from the website into the Pie Menu Editor. The password can only be used once per computer installation. There are 3 activation keys for 3 Computers. The password is 'dynamic' and expires after 10 minutes. The 'Copy & Paste' should be done within this timeframe. When updates are made which affect the structrue of the menu, for example a button is added, all activation keys are wound back to zero. Regularly check the Update Log to keep up to date with new developments.

What is a Dynamic Activation Key?

The dynamic activation key is a password string which is used to unlock the module menu so it can be installed into Blender. The activation key is copied from the website onto your clipboard first. It is then transferred to Blender where it is pasted into the paste field of the 'Import Menu' pop up window. The dynamic key expires after 10 minutes, so it is important to copy & paste the key within this timeframe. If you need any assistance, please contact us via the website chat feature.

My Activation Key is not functioning correctly?

The dynamic activation key relies on an internet connection. The computer with Blender should have access to the internet. For the activation key to function correctly, please ensure that your computer is not part of a computer network. If your computer is networked, you will need to contact us for a remote installation. After installing Blender, check to see that the Blender software resides in the 'Programs' folder on your computer. For Mac Computers, Blender should reside in the Applications folder. Please do not use the Microsoft or Steam installer, since Blender will no longer reside in the correct folder. This is known to cause issues with the Guide Designer module and the Blender/3D Slicer link. The activation key expires after 10 minutes. This time should be suffient to complete the copy & paste procedure. The activation keys cannot be used to activate older modules, they are only valid for new installers, or when updating and installing new menus. If you require assistance please contact the B4D team through the webchat feature.

Is there a charge for Updating Modules?

There is no charge for updating modules by following the installation tutorial. A small installation fee applies for users wanting to update from an older Blender version to a newer Blender version via remote TeamViewer assistance. Updating from an older to a newer Blender version requires a paid online booking. Please contact our team if you require new Activation Keys for updating purposes. No fee applies to new users who require online assistance.

Known Issues - Duet Display

Duet Display is known to cause Blender to shut down immediately when importing files into the scene. Unfortunately at this time, Duet cannot be used to mirror your PC on a Mac device.

Known Issue - Radeon AMD graphic cards

Blender 2.93 has reported issues with the following gaphic cards. In transparent mode the objects seem to light up and fragment. If you are experiencing these issues, Blender recommends you install the latest driver. Please follow the link If this does not solve the issue, please use Blender 2.83 LTS with the 2.83 modules.

Model Designer

Why are the cutting tools not working?

The essential add-ons are not installed. Bool, Loop, Objects. Please check the installation videos.

Tilde key - I don't have this on my keyboard, how do I access the menu?

You can change this to a different symbol. File, Preferences, Keymap, arrow down 3D View, arrow down 3D Global, find View with the symbol ` on it, change this to your new symbol, Save Preferences. There is a video demonstrating how to do this in the blue folder in the module page.

Private Lessons

Can I get additional tuition?

Yes. We are happy to help you fast track your learning. Please feel free to book a time through the bookings facility. You will require TeamViewer and a working microphone. Fees apply.

Become an Instructor

Can I teach Blenderfordental?

Yes. If you are confident in using one of the Blenderfordental modules and would like to become an instrutor, please contact us by filling out the Instructor Application form.


Why can't I login?

1) Please make sure you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge/Google, or safari as a browser. We have had issues with Firefox and Bing. 2) You may have registered or subscribed in the past by using a different email address. These may be conflicting with each other. Please get in touch. 3) You may be using a different email as a login, which is not recognised. 4) Password issues 5) A VPN software or router is blocking the website.

Do I need to fill in all my contact details on signing up?

No, but it would be helpful if: 1) you require an additional invoice. 2) you would like to become a tutor or reseller, we require your details. 3) you require special assistance. Your name, email and password are necessary. For other fields, you can simply enter any text (for text fields) and numbers (for number fields). All your information is kept secure as outlined in the privacy statement.