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Please make sure you have the User Interface installed. A wizard will guide you through the installation process.


Visit the shop to purchase your module. The Model Designer is a prerequisite module.


You can check out your module anytime by heading to the 'MY MODULES' page and clicking the 'VIDEO' button to access the learning tutorials. Easy as that!


Get started by watching a short video on 'How to install Blenderfordental software'


The User Interface will launch Blender with the Blenderfordental software.

The User Interface requires an initial login, this is your website login.

We recommend an internet download speed of at least 20mbs for updating modules.


Want to become a B4D Instructor?


Fill out the application form and send in a couple of videos to demonstrate your knowledge of the software.

Once accredited, you can start your own courses. Apply now!

























Got any questions? Contact us through the blue website chat.

Installation & Specifications
Please ensure that your computer meets the Blender software requirements.

To run the software you'll need to:
  •  Download B4D's User Interface (UI), click on the installer link below.
  • Install Model Designer - this is a prerequisite module for B4D Software

  • Have an internet speed of at least 20mbs or greater, for installations, updates & watching videos.

  • Check out the instructions & video.

After purchase, the modules can be accessed through the 'My Modules' page. Please refresh the page first. 

When you see the green tick press 'Go to Link' to watch the tutorials.


Module videos can be viewed on different computers using the same login credentials.

Blender Software Requirements

Supported Platforms

Blender is available for:

  • Windows 10 or 11

  • Apple Silicon: macOS 11 or newer 

  • Intel: macOS 10.15 or newer

Hardware requirements for Blender 3.6

  • 64-bit quad core with SSE4.2 support

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 1920×1080 display

  • Mouse, trackpad or pen+tablet

  • Graphics card with 2 GB VRAM, OpenGL 4.3

  • Less than 10 year old


  • 64-bit quad core CPU

  • 32 GB RAM

  • 2560X1440 display

  • Three button mouse or pen+tablet

  • Graphics card with 8 GB VRAM


  • 64-bit eight core CPU

  • 32 GB RAM

  • Full HD displays

  • Three button mouse and pen+tablet

  • Graphics card with +12 GB RAM


B4D can be installed on 3 computers via the User Interface

Blenderfordental software is a

Stand-alone license


With a Stand-alone license, the software is restricted to one specific computer, without the computer being networked to other computers.

Want to install the software on a new computer? Check out User Interface Instructions

How to Install Blenderfordental


For remote support please book here

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