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It's time to Update!

We're moving to Blender 3.6 LTS with all new features! Plus, you get to use B4D's very own new User Interface (UI).

The new UI makes installations and updates easy, without the need of previous password keys.

This takes Blenderfordental to the next level in dental software development. The new UI will always keep you up to date no matter where you are.

We've opted to only use Blender's LTS (Long Term Support) versions - These are released by Blender annually, and provides critical bug fixes and updates for new hardware over a 2 year period, while maintaining strict compatibility. In other words, you can be sure Blenderfordental runs smoothly, provided your computer specs are maintained.

The new UI requires an initial internet login, after which, you can run the software without an internet connection.

Digital Dental Software
B4D's User Interface

Bonuses - You can import only the menus you want to work with, and better yet, there is a language selection for easy toggle from one language menu to another. At the moment we support, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese menus. Korean & Russian are in the pipeline.

As usual, you can install B4D on three computers, but you can also shift your UI from one computer to another, via a simple renewal process. For example, you may want to showcase B4D to a colleague, that's easy! Just use your own UI login on their computer.

What's new? We've made significant enhancements to the Guide Designer module, with our novel 'Image Slice' viewer. The 'Image Slice' is a dynamic viewing pane in Blender, which makes implant planing and navigation in the dicom viewer extremely simple.

Watch as you move and rotated the 'Image Slice' freely in Blender, to showcase a dynamic view of the CBCT scan in 3D Slicer. By the way, 3D Slicer is a free to download software program, available here or on our website link

Additionally, the Image Slice can be duplicated for additional viewing panes in Blender. There is a 'snap to implant' feature, which allows an immediate placement of the Image Slice to the implants, for quick viewing, without the need to search for the implants in the dicom viewer.

You'll be amazed how easy it actually is to create a segmentation model, which can now be imported into Blender by the click of just one button.

Our Blender Slicer Bridge (BSB) add-on creates a seamless link between both programs, akin to working in one program. Implant planing couldn't be any simpler!

If you're already a user of the Guide Designer module, be sure to check out the new tutorial videos.

Moreover, the Splint & Layer module has seen a major upgrade, and now boasts full RPD capabilities, with many users already showcasing their amazing chrome frames on our Social media page.

If you haven't already joined our group, please join up right away.

For specialist in the field of implant work, be sure to check out the new 'Mesh Grid' function in the Splint & Layer module, this will leave you in awe!

Dental Implant Meshes
B4D's Mesh Grids

Kindly ensure prompt upgrading, as we're advancing with Blender's latest feature, especially with our popular iBar™ module.

We intend to render all older Blenderfordental modules obsolete by 15 March 2024, including versions 2.83, 2.93, 3.2, and 3.3.

Other versions, starting from 4 upwards, are incompatible with Blenderfordental, so be sure to only use Blender 3.6 LTS, being the compatible version for this year.

This version is downloadable through the new User Interface.

We're confident you'll enjoy the new features. Thanks for your support!

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