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Many new features. Design your 3d dental models. Simply follow the easy tutorials. No prior 3d experience necessary. For PC Windows!

Tutorial Time: 85 minutes





Ideal for all Diagnostic Waxup cases, making Temporary crowns, attaching gum on to teeth. Entry level into Crown & Bridge and denture work.

Tutorial Time: 140 minutes





Perfect for aligning one object with another object. Implant Work, Smile Design, Orthodontic work, Virtual Jaw Tracking. Available!

Tutorial Time: 56 minutes



Check your computer specifications first.


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Our revolutionary add-ons for Blender makes this possible.


Learn by watching the easy to follow tutorials and you’ll be up & running in no time at all. 


So whether you want to design a 3D model for printing or make a custom tray, or implant guide, we offer the innovative solution.


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B4D WaxUp module !


Compatible with PC & Mac. Please ensure that your computer meets the Blender Software Requirements.  Blender 2.83 LTS  is recommended.

Features  include:

  • A generic tooth library can be imported. Teeth can be grouped, separated or deleted.

  • "Precision WaxUp" enables the user to correct the tooth axis, so that teeth can be rotated by their angles and not by "eye". This ensures that teeth can be matched or mirrored to others.

  • Meshes can be edited to adapt to the model surface and closely fitted to the margins ( for temporary purposes only).  A heat map is used to indicate the thickness of the WaxUp, the contact distances and/or the occlusal distance.

  • A toggle key is used to alternated between sculpt and the heat map, to modify the meshes.

  • Teeth can be set to an orthodontic arch template, to obtain a better curvature for over-crowded or missing teeth. A REDs proportion template is also included.

  • Patient's exiting teeth can be mirrored to the other side, instead of using a tooth library. More tooth libraries can be stored by using the Components add-on.

  • The WaxUp can be re-meshed and the model surface can be trimmed away, leaving a shell for temporary try-ins.

  • Create flat, bullet shaped of ridge-lap pontics.

  • The virtual gum can be attached to the individual teeth. The 'Sticky Gum' feature allows real time modification of the gum.

  • The WaxUp module can be used for making temporary crowns.

Prerequisites are: Blender 2.83 LTS, MODEL DESIGNER & ARTICULATOR.

Component module is optional. 

While the Wax-up module in combination with the Splint module may be capable of being used for other purposes, this module does not offer support or include tutorials for any purpose other than what is listed above. This module is not suited for fixed Crown & Bridge work.

Blenderfordental is a series of add-ons for the Blender software program to enable it to be used for dentistry. Each module comes with the required easy to follow video tutorials which will guide you through the full functions of the module. The Model Designer is a prerequisite for all other modules. We suggest you have a working knowledge of the Model Designer first. Blender requires some minimum hardware requirements, these can be found on the Blenderfordental website. All module updates are free. We recommend keeping your module up to date, to enjoy all the best features. Only purchase the modules you need - from model making, tray design, implant guides, to crown & bridge work ( available soon ).


Special Events

Join Dr. Juan Francisco González Guzmán

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Laboratorio dental digital en 30 días

Finalmente esta disponible nuestro nuevo curso sobre odontología digital. Todo lo que necesitas saber para crear un laboratorio digital en un corto tiempo usando el mejor software de código abierto para odontología Blender for Dental.

En este curso te enseñaré paso a paso los conceptos más importantes para incursionar en este campo. Desde el escaneo hasta la impresión 3D. Aprenderás sobre la obtención de registros, el diseño de aparatos diversos y la manufactura dirigida por computadora. Además, obtendrás una serie de herramientas que te servirán en tu camino hacia un flujo 100% digital.

Entérate todos los detalles aquí

Our new course is finally available. All you need to know to create a digital dental lab from scratch. Scanning, designing, printing and everything in between. This course will provide you all the tools you need to integrate a digital workflow to your practice in no time.

Instructions easy to follow, step by step and the best of all using Blender for Dental. This course is currently available in Spanish only, but if you are interested, please let me know writing to

you can learn more about our online academy here.