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Many new features. Design your 3d dental models. Simply follow the easy tutorials. No prior 3d experience necessary. Available now!

Tutorial Time: 85 minutes





Perfect for aligning one object with another object. Implant Work, Smile Design, Orthodontic work, Virtual Jaw Tracking. Available!

Tutorial Time: 56 minutes





For all your special tray needs. Rounded or beaded borders, over crowns or implant abutments. Set your material and tray thickness. Available now!

Turorial Time: 46 minutes



Check your computer specifications first.


Get started with digital dentistry today!


Our revolutionary add-ons for Blender makes this possible.


Learn by watching the easy to follow tutorials and you’ll be up & running in no time at all. 


So whether you want to design a 3D model for printing or make a custom tray, or implant guide, we offer the innovative solution.


No licence fees, no annual charges, just a better deal.


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Modules working together

  • Model designer

  • Gum designer

  • Logo Designer

Model Designer includes:

  • Bleach menu

  • Bracket remover

Pc & Mac

Designed for your desktop

Coming Soon!

New modules


The B4D articulator is coming soon !


Compatible with PC & Mac. Please ensure that your computer meets the Blender Software Requirements. Blender 2.81 only.


This module is perfect for articulating your dental case. The virtual articulator can be used for:

  • Increasing vertical dimensions. There is an incisal pin to gauge the distance for opening the patient's bite.

  • Lower jaw movements can be fully animated by clicking the "Play" button.

  • Additional animations can be set to include any possible movements, such as palatal curvature of the teeth.

  • Models can be positioned to a mounting table, with a predetermined tooth positions.

  • Condyles can be set to a position which correlates to a facial scan, CBCT of a skull model, or by means of photographs. ie. virtual facebow

  • The TMJ eminence angles can be fully adjusted.

  • Bennett distance can be adjusted.

  • Basic movements are. a) Open and Close b) Protrusive c) Right Excursive d) Left Excursive

Approximate tutorial time is 30 minutes.

Prerequisites are: The MODEL DESIGNER 2.8 module & Blender 2.81

This module is not compatible with Blender 2.8.

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Blenderfordental is a series of add-ons for the Blender software program to enable it to be used for dentistry. Each module comes with the required easy to follow video tutorials which will guide you through the full functions of the module. The Model Designer is a prerequisite for all other modules. We suggest you have a working knowledge of the Model Designer first. Blender requires some minimum hardware requirements, these can be found on the Blenderfordental website. All module updates are free. We recommend keeping your module up to date, to enjoy all the best features. Only purchase the modules you need - from model making, tray design, implant guides, to crown & bridge work ( available soon ).