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Model creator software for designing 3D printed models. Kickstart your journey with Blender Basics 1, 2, and 3 videos. No prior 3D experience required. Prerequisite module for all B4D modules.

Product Details

Tutorial Time: 85 minutes






B4D iBar™

Perfect for designing an inner bar within an existing hybrid appliance. This module reverse engineers the bar from the outside towards the inside. You can even import your Hybrids from a different software.

Product Details

Tutorial Time: 50 minutes






B4D iAbutment™ & Bar

Effortlessly generate implant bars & custom abutments with our innovative approach. Whether you require free-formed or socket-formed collars, we've got you covered.

Product Details

Tutorial Time: 60 minutes




Novelties Shop


Get started with digital dentistry today!


Our revolutionary plugin for Blender makes this possible.


Learn by watching the easy to follow tutorials and you’ll be up & running in no time at all. 


So whether you want to design a 3D model for printing or make a custom tray, or an implant guide, we offer the innovative solution.


No licence fees, No annual charges, just a better deal.

Module prices are in American Dollars - $, USD


Login & get started!

Each module can be installed 

on 3 different



PC Windows & Mac compatible

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a close-up of a CNC
a group of teeth

The Hyperdent 3D Hybrid software is designed for users to 3D metal print (DMLS) dental restorations before final CNC milling.
This novel approach uses a proprietary fixation clamp for the HyperDENT CNC milling machine, developed by Microimp. It allows for faster processing times, less material wastage and results in a significantly lower tooling cost.
The module allows for precise primary nesting of all crown & bridge restorations into the clamp. An additional layer is added to the fitting surfaces which are to be milled out. This module will be made available after purchase  through Microimp.

Up & Coming! Splint & Layer module to include RPD frame design and Mesh Grids.


Designed for your desktop

Splint & Layer Module

What's New?

Available Now! Includes RPD Design & Mesh Grids
PartialCAD and Splint Software

The Splint & Layer module is capable of designing a wide variety of occlusal splints, as well as RPD Frames and Mesh Grids, with the upcoming update.

Features include: 

  • Adjustable layer thickness.

  • Design your splints using either the 'draw method' or a 'paint-on' method.

  • Adjustable bite planes suitable for single arch or dual arch appliances.

  • Create static occlusal adjustments or dynamic occlusal adjustments based on Blender's animation timeline (Requires the Articulator & Virtual Facebow module).

  • Adjustable retention for the splint or various layers (Requires the BlockOut module).

  • Capability of RPD Frame design (with update).

  • Capability to Mesh Grids design.

  • Other design examples - Snore Guards, Mouthguards, Gingivectomy Guides, Bone Levelling Guides, Sub-Periosteal Frames, Twin-Block Appliances, etc.


The MODEL DESIGNER module is a prerequisite for this module. You'll also need the BlockOut module and the Articulator module. To be released with Blender 3.6LTS, and only with new User Interface.

B4D iBar

a pink and white teeth

Perfect for designing the inner bar inside a hybrid appliance.


  • Novel Reverse Engineered bar design

  • Hybrid can be imported from other software like Exocad & 3Shape

  • Thickness control ie. automatically adds in thin areas

  • Split or numerous individual bar designs

  • Preserves and re-engineers screw chambers

  • Adjustable cement spacer

  • All tutorials are include

  • Prerequisite is the Model Designer module

New! iBar Bridges™

Features include - 

  • Design iBars on tooth preparations

  • Variable cement spacers

  • Survey and preliminary nesting before export

  • New colours

  • English videos, others coming soon.

The MODEL DESIGNER module is a prerequisite for this module. The BlockOut module is highly recommended for blocking out undercuts.

Model Designer

a group of white teeth
a white and pink dental model

Model building software 

  • Basic startup tutorials for Blender

  • Edit scan defects & create 3D printable models

  • Many feature.

  • Prerequisite module for all B4D Software


Blender Logo

Blenderfordental® is a series of add-ons for the Blender software program to enable it to be used for dentistry. Each module comes with the required easy to follow video tutorials which will guide you through the full functions of the module. The Model Designer is a prerequisite for all other modules. We suggest you have a working knowledge of the Model Designer first. Blender requires some minimum hardware requirements, these can be found on the Blenderfordental website. All module updates are free. We recommend keeping your module up to date, to enjoy all the best features. Only purchase the modules you need - from model making, tray design, implant guides, to crown & bridge work.



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