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VertXsplit Update!

The VertXsplit has seen some changes, and it is now easier that ever to design 3D printed models with removable dies. It is especially useful for crown & bridge work.

All components are now conveniently contained in the new module, so there is no more need to import these separately. It's literally push button operation!

There are three choices for your dies - Solid, Hollow or Gyroid. The Gyroid, is true eye candy!

It offers great stability, especially when removing from the build plate.

The amount of retention which creates the 'Snap Feature' is now adjustable and integrated into the software. You can set this to 'passive', which is basically a friction fit, to extremely hard to remove. The choice is yours.

Various cutting tools which cater for larger dental arches are coupled to the base insert. This means there are only two things to do - find the horizontal alignment, and the vertical alignment to fit the model into the base.

There have been some minor improvements made to the fit of the insert. Remember that you will need to dial in your printer calibration.

The VertXsplit model base offers an alternative to the 'Geller' 3D printed models. There are less variables resulting in a better outcome. It makes even larger case with many dies a breeze to make!

The model bases are available through the online store as well as in:

The VertXsplit module is free to download with the the Model Designer module, but can also be test driven by downloading the 7 day Trial Model Designer.

For reseller enquiries, please contact Wolf

We hope you enjoy!

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