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Stackable Guide made easy!

Are you looking to make your stackable guide process easier? Look no further!

Blenderfordental's latest update for the Guide Designer module features a seamless integration between Blender and 3D Slicer, allowing for both programs to talk to each other.

Blender will even launch 3D Slicer at any stage of your design workflow, due to our new and special add-on, the Slicer/Blender link.

While updating, we've taken the opportunity to sneak in three new amazing dynamic attachments, which include the ability to insert magnets, and a pin and lock. All this due to the overwhelming requests we've received, making the creation of stackable guides even easier.

For implant guides, you'll need the Model Designer, the Blockout module to create a "Passive model", and the ICP Alignment module to align the dental model to the CBCT scan coordinates.

B4D Components module is optional, for those of you who want to access our implant library for parts.

Here is a quick preview showing the dynamic nature of our attachments.

Did you know that you can still use Blenderfordental's Guide Designer even when using other implant planning software? As long as you can export the scans and the guide sleeves, in stl, obj or ply format, we have you covered. This means you can streamline your implant guide making with B4D.

Get inspired! Check out some of the stackable guides made by other B4D users on our Facebook group page.

All software is available in the shop.



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