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Snap into the VertXsplit!

Blenderfordental's new model basing system is designed for a quick, hassle-free model making experience, and you can get your hands on them now!

Innovative in design, yet 'old style' in concept, the VertXsplit model base merges the traditional with the new.

Inspired by early nineties technology, the VertXsplit uses the 'burn layer' of the 3D printed model as its clipping mechanism. Simply 'SNAP' the freshly printed dies into the injection moulded base. It's that easy!

So what are the benefits? Unlike 'Geller' models which rely on the perfect combination of expansion & contraction of the resin, the VertXsplit offers more leeway. There are less variables to contend with.

Dies can be randomly placed on the build plate too, and there are no large models reducing the chance of mis-printing.

Best of all - The VertXsplit model bases are totally re-usable, and one base can fit many patient cases.

The module is FREE to download with the Model Designer module, as the Model Designer holds the source code for the menu inside Blender.

All digital files are available in the module webpage and are also downloadable through the Implant Crowns & Components module.

The module comes with a variety of special cutting tools to quickly fit the dental model onto the serrated insert, depicted here in blue (Implant Crowns & Component module).

After sectioning the model with the Model Designer vertex cutting tool, dies can be ditched and its ready to go.

Future developments will include -

  • an articulator mounting plate which attaches onto an articulator.

  • Magnets will be used to hold the bases onto the mounting plate.

  • A plastic hinge articulator for joining upper and lower bases.

The VertXsplit bases are in store now while stocks last.

If you would like to support B4D projects, or you think we have excelled in our services, please feel free to shout us a coffee at

We hope you enjoy the module.


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