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Jaw Motion Module - Coming Soon!

In recent years, the field of digital dental technology has seen impressive advancements in jaw motion data capture.

The Aoralscan3 intraoral scanner from Shining3D is one of the leading examples in this area, allowing for the quick and efficient capture of hundreds of bite scans, resulting in a precise jaw motion capture.

To take this technology even further, we at Blenderfordental have developed a scan launcher for the Aoralscan3.

This scan launcher simplifies the process of porting scans, margins, and jaw motion data into the Blender software, where algorithms automatically organize the motion for easy visualization.

In addition to the jaw motion feature from Shining3D, we are also actively working on a new Jaw Motion Module that utilizes 3D printed scan markers that attach to a patient's teeth.

The Jaw Motion Module will enable quick trimming of occlusion on various types of dental restorations and bite splints, as well as provide diagnostic insights by relaying the jaw motion data back to CBCT scans of the condyles.

Blenderfordental are pioneering development in digital dental technology and jaw motion data capture.

If you own the Aoralscan3 scanner or a Shining3D desktop scanner, and want to give our Scan Launcher a try, you can find it for free on our website shop. Keep in mind that the Model Designer module is necessary to use this feature. Link to

Likewise, if you are interested in purchasing an Aoralscan3 scanner, feel free to contact us.

We hope you enjoy.


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