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Digital Dentures with B4D!

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

This module will blow your mind - the Denture Designer is B4D's next module in line to create a stir amongst the dental community.

Currently still in beta testing, over thirty dentist & labs around the world are trialing and loving this new module. B4D is striving to take the lead in Digital Denture Design.

The new module is packed with features, and is equipped to handle all full and partial denture cases.

Inbuilt and strategic file saving capabilities means you can do secondary try-ins where fine tooth adjustments, or resetting of teeth is required.

Check out some of the early beta testing results - Fully 3D printed dentures, you'll never know the difference!

Digital dentures have many advantages, some of which include faster processing times, more predictable outcomes when using facial scans, easy denture replications and costs saving benefits, to name a few.

Some of features include:

  • Full denture design - as a single unit (eg. hybrids), or as a multi-unit denture (eg. gum socketed with separate teeth)

  • Partial denture design

  • Pre-shaped gum for speedy handling (requires Components module). The module does include one sample library.

  • Post dam seal feature, suction relief and block-out functions

  • Adjustable peripheral roll

  • Curve of Spee & Monson table, midline tool, Red's Proportions template, tooth measuring gauge, articulator mounting table.

  • Self moulding gum - 'Sticky Teeth' feature

  • Frenum adjustment feature

  • Anti-collision of teeth

  • Safety zones to prevent thin spots in the denture

  • Palatal rugae duplication tool.

  • Many sculpting tools & gum texturing

  • Tooth apex cutting tool

  • Tooth apex jig - for using denture card teeth

  • File saving capabilities for second try-ins, or adjustments

  • 25% discount on Ruthinium products for B4D customers.

The Denture Designer is priced at $599*, and you'll need some additional modules to get you up and running (Model Designer, Block-Out, Articulator, the Components module is highly recommended).

* Price adjustment - the Splint & Layer module is no longer a pre-requisite.

The Denture Designer can be used to kick start your own hybrid appliances and compliments the Crown & Bridge module perfectly to connect the hybrid to the implant abutments.

The iBar module can also be used to strengthen the hybrid, with B4D providing the total solutions. A full hybrid video tutorial playlist will be included in this module.

We're confident, once you've created your first digital denture, there's no looking back!

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