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Crown & Bridge ...countdown!

The news is out! We have set a release date for the Crown & Bridge module for the 5th August 2021.

Our beta testing journey began nearly three months ago with a number of dentists and laboratories from all around the world. Feedback from the beta testing group has been absolutely incredible, and we want to thank everyone involved in the project.

During beta testing, our beta users created amazing transformations. Check out their results below - thank you Luis (top) and Fernando (bottom) for your dedicated input & your contributions.

So what can the Crown & Bridge module offer? Well, for a start - unlike conventional dental software we're working with a completely open source system, Blender. No locked in contacts, no yearly license fees, no .stl download fees. Blenderfordental is a low cost alternative, a one-off charge with free updates.

Blenderfordental's Crown & Bridge module is capable of designing full-contour crowns, bridges, copings & frames, inlays & onlays, porcelain veneer and implant work. If you want to perform dynamic occlusal adjustments you'll need the Articulator module - this will adjust the occlusion according to the animated lower jaw. We recommend working with the Waxup module as well, if you want to include features like adding gum.

The modules include quality learning tutorials, learning files and other practical example videos, like designing hybrid dental appliances.

We have compiled a short video to showcase the new Crown & Bridge module. We hope you enjoy it!

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