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Welcome to Blenderfordental's User Interface

What is the UI?

The User Interface (UI) serves to launch Blender with the Blenderfordental software, i.e., the menus. It also installs the correct Blender version and streamlines the installation of modules and their updates.


How do I install the software?

Please follow the User Interface Flowchart. You can also click on the 'How to Install Blenderfordental Video' below.

UI Flowchart.png

B4D User Interface (UI) Instructions



1. Download and run the installer. Locate the B4D folder in the Applications directory and open the B4D_UserInterface folder.  For PC Windows - go to 'Release', look for the b4d.exe. For Mac computers, allow the b4d application to open by going to System Settings, Privacy & Security, and selecting 'Open Anyway.' You may be prompted for your computer password.


2. Open the UI by double-clicking on the b4d application.


3. To conveniently access the UI, feel free to create a desktop shortcut alias. On Mac computers, you can locate the application in either the lower or upper taskbar.


4. Log in to the UI using your Blenderfordental website login credentials. If you have forgotten you password, press 'Forgot Password', then follow the video.,


5. If you have already acquired Blenderfordental software, keep an eye on the middle gray column as it populates with your modules. Checkmarks will appear in the boxes, indicating that the modules are already installed on your computer. Alternatively, you will see a 'Click here to Install' button. Press the button to install the software. The presence of "Click here to Update" buttons signifies that your modules require updating.


6. If you are a new user of Blenderfordental with purchased modules and you have not yet downloaded them, the checkboxes will be empty, indicating the need to download the modules. Click on "Click here to Install" to initiate the download process for the modules.


7. If you are new to Blenderfordental and have not purchased any modules yet, you'll be prompted to install the Model Designer, a prerequisite module for Blenderfordental software. After making the purchase, press 'Refresh,' and the module will be displayed in the gray column. You will see "Click here to Install" to initiate the installation. The same process applies to the B4D Trial version.


8. Once modules and updates are handled, you'll need to install the compatible Blender version. If you have an older or incompatible Blender version, this will be automatically detected. Press the "Install Blender" button on the lower left side of the UI to install the correct Blender version.


9. After installation, you'll see green ticks in the information window.


10. Next, refresh the UI, then choose your preferred language and click 'Start B4D.' Blender will open with the Blenderfordental menu tabs, whcih are displayed on the right-hand side.


11. Adjust your startup settings by navigating to Edit, Preferences, Interface, and choosing your preferred language. Ensure the 'Interface' box remains checked, while the other two must remain unchecked.


12. Change the theme by accessing the drop-down menu, or by using the Blenderfordental themes in the Applications, B4D, Model Designer 3 folder.


13. Access the icon with the 3 lines in a box on the lower left side of the Preference window, then ‘Save your Preferences’.


14. Close Blender and restart it from the UI by pressing the ‘Start B4D’ button. This will load additional features, like Matcaps.



Things to know:


  • B4D can be used on three computers, identified by a number on the UI. Blenderfordental software is a 'Stand-alone' license - Under a Stand-alone license, the software is limited to a specific host, necessitating a separate license for each computer where the software is installed. With the purchase of Blenderfordental software, you will be able to install the software on three separate stand-alone computers. In contrast, with a Network license, a license pool resides on the server, accessible for use on any computer within the network. Blenderfordental does not offer a Network Licence.

  • All third-party add-ons relevant to the Blenderfordental software are automatically installed.

  • Some language menus may not be translated yet, defaulting to English.

  • The Notification insert can be closed by hovering over it and clicking on it. You can also click on the link on the notification image to get more information.

  • You can have multiple Blender software versions on your computer; Blenderfordental will only use the compatible version. Please don’t change the app name for ‘Blender’, this needs to remain as it is.

  • The UI has a built-in refresh function to receive the latest updates and notifications.

  • An online login is initially required, but afterward, you can open Blender without an internet connection.

  • If the UI is closed down, or the application is quit, the UI will require an internet connection to reset itself.

  • When opening Blender without the UI, Blender won't display the Blenderfordental menu tabs but it remains fully functional.

  • Only modules which which have been purchased will appear in the UI.

  • Please DO NOT place any of your own folders in the B4D directory, these will be deleted. Only files kept in the 'AssetPC', 'AssetMac' and 'Files' folder are retained. 



User Interface Renewal:


Press the 'Renew UI' button. This feature is used:


  • To transfer Blenderfordental to a new computer.

  • Before and after attending a course. Modules used during the course which are not owned will be deleted after the course as soon as you log back into the UI with your own user credentials.


Please note! When using this feature you will be logged out of the UI until the UI is released from our server. Please factor in a minimum of 24 hrs, depending on time zones.



B4D Courses:


If you want to attend a course, you will be given access to a course module with a course email and password. This will give you access to all Blenderfordental software.


Course modules are time-specific, depending on the course timeframe requested by the Blenderfordental accredited instructor.


After the course, please use the ‘Renew UI' feature, so you can log back into your own UI.


In the event the ‘Renew UI’ feature is not submitted after a course, the UI will disable automatically once the course duration has expired.



More Information:


You can access the UI’s User Guide through the question mark on the UI.


Please review our Terms & Conditions for using the Blenderfordental User Interface.

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