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Freshly launched, the new iBar module is here. This amazing new module lets you reverse engineer an inner-bar inside a hybrid with ease. Just follow a couple of step-by-step tutorials and you'll have your inner-bar sorted in no time at all. This process is also compatible with imports from Exocad, 3shape, and other dental software.

There are many benefits for making an inner-bar, including improving the strength of the appliance, greater material selection, reducing weight, and enhanced serviceability of the appliance, to name a few. Designing a bar to fit the end product results in improved comfort and aesthetics for the patient.

The iBar has been thoroughly tested by a talented group of beta testers, and with their feedback we have created an exceptional product. We are extremely thankful for their contributions. Here are some of their results.

The iBar module preserves all crucial parts of the hybrid, like the abutment interfaces and the screw holes and will re-engineer some of these to generate the inner-bar.

The shape of the inner-bar can be adjusted in may ways so it fits into the confines of the hybrid. The thickness of the walls of the hybrid are controlled at all times.

A prerequisite for this module is the Model Designer module since this has the source code for the menu inside Blender. If you are not using B4D to create the hybrid, you'll need a good mesh geometry as well.

The Model Designer has a couple of introductory videos in case you are new to Blender.

Blender is a free to download open source software program and the Blenderfordental modules plug into that.

The current cost of the iBar is $249, which excludes the Model Designer module $79. There are no other charges. To purchase follow the link

Here is a preview of the iBar module. We hope you enjoy the module.

For enquiries, please send us an email or contact us through the web chat feature.


B4D Team

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Hajrije Hajdini
Hajrije Hajdini
Mar 14, 2023



Avri Dr. Lev
Avri Dr. Lev
May 14, 2022

Just amazing.

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