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The wait is over - Splint Designer is here!

Blender's new version 2.83 has just been released, perfectly timed with the release of the Splint Designer module.

As always Blender never disappoints, we are simply gobsmacked with some of the latest features, and of course can't wait to include these into your modules.

A special feature, this time around, is the Voxel Re-mesh function. The re-meshing of objects greatly improves the outcome of your final work, and being able to watch the re-mesh transform in real time, is simply mind blowing.

This feature has been included in the latest version of Model Designer. Check it out as part of the Inserting Components menu. More of the re-meshing feature has been included in the B4D Block-out module.

There are many more background themes - the Maya, the Modo and Minimal Black, to name a few. Gradients can be set to Vignette, which is circular gradient and give the background an amazing feel. Warning! - working with Blender is very addictive.

As with all the modules, the Blenderfordental software is never trimmed down to a standalone dental program. Our aim is simple, we want to teach our users how to use Blender to its maximum ability.

The Splint Designer is super cool. The dental models are first articulated on the Blenderfordental articulator. The lower jaw is the animated on Blender's timeline, and you can watch how the lower jaw moves around.

A 'retentive model' is then created with the B4D Block-Out module. The splint layer is then laid down to any thickness you want. You can either draw the outline, or simply paint-on the entire splint layer. It's that easy!

Occlusal bite rims can be placed, and finally the occlusion is adjusted with the articulator cutting tools. This can be a dynamic cut, and according to the animated timeline. This takes care of all excursive movements. Just smooth a little.

When you get the feel for it, start venturing out into dual splints, ortho retainers, orthodontic bands, twin block appliances, gingivectomy guides and multitude of other removable appliances. While the Splint Designer is not a partial framework module as such, it is surly worthy of testing to its limits.

All modules have been updated to include an installer program. An 'Update Module' button on the menu will also make updating a breeze.

We hope you enjoy the Splint Designer and we're happy to make digital dentistry accessible for all.

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