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Special add-on for Special Trays!

You're guaranteed to have fun with this add-on!

The Tray Designer is so versatile and flexible that there is hardly anything it can't do. Our tutorials will step you through the process of making special trays for every application.

So what can this add-on do? We have designed this module from dental laboratory's point of view. This means that the workflow follows a logical process, something we are all already familiar with. Undercuts are surveyed and blocked out, a spacer is then laid down for the impression material, the tray then covers the rest.

While you will have to do two outlines, this means, you get to work with the mesh. You will be able to edit just about everything. So if you want to make more room for the impression material or you want to strengthen the tray material in some areas, you can do this. Otherwise, just press the Auto Tray function and the preset parameters will do the rest.

The handle in this add-on is what makes this application so user friendly. We've included 4 handle options depending on your preference. The handle is imported at the push of a button, and then you can adjust the position, height, length - really what ever you want! It can be totally flexible in case you have to get up and over a tricky lip.

However the best feature is the ability to put holes in the tray with the ease of a brushstroke. Put simply, we've developed 'Paint On Holes'!

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