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New arrivals! - The amazing B4D Block-out & the B4D Component module.

The B4D Block-Out Module

A fundamental starting point for all dental work is choosing the right model to work with.

The Block-Out Module is ideal for creating three different sets of models.

  • The offset model - for flexible removable appliances. All undercuts are still present

  • The passive model - for surgical guides or fixed restorations, and

  • The retentive model - for all other removable dental work.

You can determine the amount of undercut automatically, or you can manually adjust this by adding or taking away undercuts in certain areas. This means you are in complete control of the retention you want to achieve. Models can be offset slightly to allow a better fit between the components.

The B4D Block-out module is also ideal for other software users, like MeshMixer users, who wish to block out undercuts before continuing other dental design work.

All tutorials are included.

The cost of the B4D Block-Out module is $29.

(Prerequisite is the Model Designer module $79)

The B4D Components module

With this module you can download all the components offered in our library.

These are hosted on our server and are regularly updated. This module will teach you how to import and place the components into the 3D environment.

Downloading and accessing these components is a simple process, just a push of a button. Please ensure you are connected to the internet with a reasonable download speed.

Available implant components so far are from Yenadent and Odontofix.

The Model Designer is a prerequisite for this module to function correctly. We also recommend the ICP Alignment module so that you can align the scan bodies of the components to the intra-oral scan.

This module is perfect if you want to construct an implant model with an analog, or want to do further restorative work.

The cost of the B4D Component module is $29.

(Prerequisite is the Model Designer module $79)

(Recommended ICP Alignment module $ 79)

We hope you enjoy these two modules.

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