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macOS Catalina upgrade, done!

For those of you who have recently upgraded to the macOS Catalina version, there is some great news. In a matter of a few hours, we have successfully managed to get B4D up and running for the new version.

With the Catalina upgrade, users no longer have the ability to access the Macintosh HD drive. This is now become 'read-only'.

All software which used to reside in the hard drive has been relocated by Apple to a 'Relocated Items' folder on your desktop.

With some tweaking of the code, all B4D modules for Mac have found a new home in the 'Library' folder.

This means, you will need to grab a new module from the website and follow the installation tutorial. If you get stuck, or you need a password, just book a time and we can do this for you.

If you're new to B4D, and you would like to keep your current operating system, don't worry. The modules will work on other versions too.

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