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Implant guides with style!

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Enjoy designing your own implant guides with two of the world's most sophisticated open source and free software programs. Blender and 3D Slicer are the perfect combination to use with the new Blenderfordental Guide Designer module.

The tutorials will demonstrate the entire process, from placing virtual teeth, to creating implant drill holes on the CT scan, and then measuring all distances in 3D Slicer and in Blender.

Choose between a closed frame option, which can be perforated for irrigation with the unique 'Paint on Holes' feature, or simply create an open frame design, the skeleton guide.

All guides are constructed with a passive fit in mind. This means that undercutting areas are fully removed, and offsets are created. These are all fully adjustable by you.

The guide sleeves are offset to ensure the drill slides freely through the guide sleeve. These can accommodate drills with larger diameter drill shanks, or even metal drill sleeves.

The Guide Designer relies on special features, only just released with the new Blender 2.81. This means you're getting the best technology has to offer.

Enjoy Blender's amazing colours and visual effects while working though your module.

In 3D slicer you will learn how to match the dental model with the patient's CT scan. The tutorials will show you how to set the coordinates to easily locate important anatomical features. Once the implant cylinder which correlate to the diameter and length of the implants are in place, export your work, and let Blenderfordental take care of the rest.

The Guide Designer has no extra charges, there are no separate .stl download fees, and all updates are free. The cost is $185, and it's available through the shop.

The Model Designer is a prerequisite for the Guide Designer and you'll need to be pretty competent in that. With the open source software and no ongoing licensing fees, this means you can print as many guides as you like.

We hope you enjoy the Guide Designer.

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