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Gum Designer's amazing new features!

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Blenderfordental is exited to showcase its novel approach to digital gum design, often required with dental implant cases.

With the Gum Designer module, you will be able to work with the digital mesh itself, and manipulate it to suit your exact requirements. This means that you can achieve an ideal tooth emergence profile for your dental restoration, from the base upwards.

We've often heard of technicians resorting to using a scalpel to cut the pink silicon in order to get the final restoration to seat properly - we've had to do it ourselves!

Gum Designer allows you to start the design work from the bottom up and not in the reverse order. In other words, the final milled or pressed restoration will now be able to precisely match the contour of the gum. This is a very useful feature when printing temporary restoration, since the restoration will allow the gingiva to heal with the final restoration in mind.

Gum Designer will need to be used in conjunction with the Model Designer module.

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