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Functionality Galore!

We've done it again! We've improved the Model Designer menu and it's now even faster to make your dental models. To help you along, we've added some 'tool tips' to guide every step.

The aligning of scans into the centre of the 3D work area has been streamlined, the filling holes feature has been simplified, and the functionality of the cutting tools have been extended.

We now support a new file format, .ply, which means you will be able to work your masterpiece with full anatomical colours.

Some of the tutorials are based on the earlier version of the menu. The functionality is the same, but it looks slightly different. We have updated the tutorials that rely heavily on the new menus. As always, if you have any questions, reach out to us on the Facebook Group or through our website.

If you have done some 3D work before, you can delve right into it and learn how to correct scan defects, followed by making your dental model. Of course, for a deeper understanding we recommend going through all the tutorials.

We're looking forward to the release of the Splint module in a couple of weeks time.

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Thanks for your support.

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