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Ditching Dies - in 4 different ways.

Finally a dental software that lets you determine all the ins and outs when designing your individual dies.

Included in the Model Designer are 4 amazing options! Depending on the location and the size of the tooth, choose between a smooth die which is trimmed directly from the margin downwards, or a conventional die with a lower stopping point, or perhaps something in between.

There is also an option for ditching a die, which remains fixed to the model.

Either way, you're in complete charge - You can set the location of the die within the base of the model, you can scale the die, and if needed, you can include a lower stopping point.

The Model Designer menu includes an offset slider to help you get the perfect fit between the model and the die.

Enjoy Blender's amazing visual effects while working through the easy to follow tutorials. No prior CAD experience is necessary, since the tutorials will show you how.

We offer TeamViewer support, and are now represented by accredited instructors in 5 different countries.

No update is required to access these features, simply watch the new video which is included in the module.


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