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Crown & Bridge now available!

We are pleased to announce the release of the Crown & Bridge module powered by the free open source Blender software program. Want to know more? Join us for a free zoom session - see details below.

The Crown and Bridge module is compatible with both PC Windows and Mac computers.

Like all our modules, there is a one-off charge, with no ongoing costs. You can design as many crowns & bridges as you like. You can install the modules on 3 computers, making it convenient if you also want to work from home.

The module comes with all the required tutorials to see you through many crown & bridge work procedures.

You'll need the Model Designer module to run the Crown & Bridge module. This is a prerequisite as it houses the source code for the menu inside Blender.

The Articulator module is also recommended if you want to perform dynamic occlusal adjustments. The WaxUp module is useful if you want to work with tooth libraries and use gum for special effects, for example when designing a hybrid denture.

There are learning files included in the module, this means you can learn with the same scan files as is shown in the video tutorials.

Mike & Wolf will be hosting a free Zoom session on 'Friday Night Live' 6th August 8pm GMT zone, as well as on Wednesday 11th August 9pm AEST Brisbane time, to showcase the module. Jump on in and check it out.

Be quick to reserve your spot, only 50 places available per session. Book online now

We hope you enjoy the Crown & Bridge module.

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