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Amazing new features - Model Designer update!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

You've asked for it and we have delivered. The new Model Designer update has some brand new features.

The arch cutting tool which is used for trimming the scan borders, is now even easier to use. Like other dental software, simply use the left mouse button to mark the entire perimeter.

A new fuse button will join the ends for you.

All cutting tools have brand new algorithms. You can look right through the cutting tool, as you glide over the surface of an object. Essentially, the cut has already been made before you have confirmed it. Simply click to accept it.

The lasso is now a super speedy way to trim away large parts of an object. Multiple lassos can be used in one go.

A semi-auto detect function will assist you in outlining the margin. The new algorithm will seeks out the best placement for the margin, based on the geometry of the mesh.

The new ditching tool will ensure an exposed margin every time. No loose tags are left behind.

The offset between the dental model and the die is fully adjustable.

Ensure the die is positioned correctly within the base by inspecting the model from the other side. Scale the die and relocate it if necessary. This feature is especially handy for tiny lower anterior teeth.

The new update requires an additional Blender add-on. So look out for the Add Curve: Extra Objects add-on in the preferences window.

For current users, please contact the B4D team to receive your new update password. If you need any help, please reach out.

Have fun!

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