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Amazing new features!

Blenderfordental is continuing to evolve! We have eight brand new features which are ready for you to download.

Occlusal mapping (1) will let you know exactly where the patient's teeth make contact with each other. With a click of a few buttons, you can factor in the stress areas when designing your work.

The crown & bridge die making process has several cool new features. Dies can now be extruded immediately downwards from the tooth preparation (2). This means that closely packed, tiny teeth can be turned into dies with ease. This will save time as the outline has to be drawn once only. Of course you can still use the conventional die making and ditching process.

We have extended the capabilities of the 'making die' cutting tool (3). With this tool you can section off individual, whole teeth, and turn them into dies. This is very helpful when adjacent teeth are tooth preparations and you would like to be able to adjust the contact points of your crown or bridge.

Being able to section off teeth also means you can create your own tooth libraries (4). This will be covered in a separate video, which you will find in the blue folder in your module page.

Next, take full control of the placement and dimensions of the lower end of the die (5). This means there can be no misplaced dies in your model and there is always sufficient material enclosing the die.

In the menu you will now find a 'Join Objects' and 'Separate Objects' tab (6). There are many uses for this feature. We have covered one example in a video when trimming the ends off multiple longer dies.

The Study Model feature has one less process. There is no longer a need to select the dental model and then the study model in order to join the two objects. This is all automatic (7).

The last feature probably feels more like some kind of a video game! Instead of popping bubbles, we're plugging bubbles in a stone model (8). This is a common problem and the good news is, you can plug these digitally! No need for using wax to plug these on the stone model before scanning. This tool is also great for building out small areas, like chipped incisal edges.

The module has a new password. For those of you who would like to update, just send us a message and replace the existing folder. Need TeamViewer assistance? please make a booking through the website and this will be sorted for you.

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