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Accurate alignment with the amazing ICP!

The term Iterative Closest Point is not necessarily something one may come across too often, but for the Blenderfordental team, it's been something spoken about on a daily basis.

Finally, it's arrived and it's available to you! We've added it to the growing portfolio of the B4D modules.

So what's all the fuss about?

Well, the ICP Alignment tool matches two mesh geometries together based on the same shape.

This massive advancement extends Blenderfordental's capability in implant dentistry and so many more applications. Think about placing your implant replicas into the digital model, or think about milled implant superstructures.

Other uses are fusing two quadrant scans together to form one dental model. You can measure your patient's orthodontic progress by superimposing models from before and models from after.

And the best feature yet, is our novel jaw tracking! This uses the ICP alignment tool to match the lower teeth to various buccal scans. All information is then captured on a Blender timeline.

Realistic jaw movements play a major role in the up and coming splint module, and the future crown and bridge module.

The prerequisites for the ICP module is Blender 2.81 and the Model Designer module.

We hope you enjoy this amazing tool.

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