Blender add-ons for dentistry

Make anything 3D directly from a dental scan at a fraction of the cost.    

Blender add-ons for dentistry

Start your digital workflow today! No licence fees. No annual fees.


An alternative to conventional dental software 

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Blender add-ons for dentistry

Make anything 3D directly from a dental scan using Blender.  

Digital dentistry without the annual fees


MODEL DESIGNER Features include: Full installation instructions, three basic introduction tutorials, reducing scan file sizes, editing scan defects, sculpting tools, cutting tools, filling holes, aligning scans into the centre of the 3D work space, trimming scan borders, making bases which are fully adjustable, making & ditching dies, creating study models, hollowing models, labelling models, pin and hinge articulator, photography & rendering, Blender's Eevee background environment and exporting files.

The total tutorial time from start of model making to exporting is 85 minutes.   Product details

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Add-on for Blender

MODEL DESIGNER for Blender 2.8



Digital dentistry for all Dental Professionals


As dental professionals we have been using Blender, a free to download open source software, for all our digital dental requirements. You can do this too!

There is a genuine need for dental software which is less expensive and free from annual licence fees. 

Our add-ons for Blender, together with some short tutorials are designed to simplify Blender. Whether you are making a 3D model for printing or designing a Zirconia framework for milling, you will be up and running in no time at all.

Our goal is to share the Blenderfordental add-ons with all our dental colleagues, to provide a low cost alternative to the existing digital dentistry programs, and to keep the software as user friendly as possible. Let's make Blenderfordental a real game changer. 


Blenderfordental is not a stand alone dental design software as such, it is an application add-on for Blender so it can be easily used for dentistry. These add-ons are sold as modules for specific dental related tasks, such as designing crowns or bridges. Once purchased, each module comes with the required easy to follow tutorials which will guide you through the full functions of the module. Only purchase the modules you need - from model making, crown and bridge work to more complex procedures like orthodontics.

Begin your 3D experience today!



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