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Great News! Blender 3.2 modules are here.

We're so excited and couldn't wait to share the news - Brand new B4D modules for Blender 3.2 have been released. It's a whole new experience.

Keeping you up to date with Blender's latest developments is what we do best!

Many modules have been streamlined, new features have been added, and overall script changes make the Blenderfordental smoother and faster.

Let's dive in and have a look at some of these new features:

  • Model Designer - new script changes to the arch cutting tool lets you cut into sharper areas. Ditching of dies can be done in a straight downwards cut, as well as the usual curved cut. One click hollow buttons have been added for plain hollow, gyroid hollow & honeycomb hollow.

  • Block Out module - undercutting areas are permanently coloured throughout other procedure. Amazing new colour effects for visual clarity of your workflow.

  • Articulator & Virtual Facebow module - now includes a skull silhouette to better visualise the lower jaw moving, improved script changes for faster processing, curve of Spee & Monson plane has been added, as well as a Frankfurt tilt button.

  • Splint & Layer module - the 'Drawing Layer' function is capable of sharp angled cuts, for example into interproximal areas, and is now capable of complex cut-outs. This means you can draw the outline clasp arms around teeth and occlusal rests - great news for those wanting to delve into chrome frames. New submenu for creating bite block has been added.

  • Guide Designer - a new submenu for drawing an outline of a guide has been added. This is an addition to the 'Paint on Layer' and the Tubes submenu.

  • Wax-up module - a new generic second tooth library button has been added to the menu. Smoother running of scripts.

  • Implant Crowns & Components module - brand new Ruthinium tooth library with preformed gum, this speeds up denture workflows.

  • Crown Module - updated scripts.

  • Vertxsplit - new menu to create a printable mid-section for articulation. This is in preparation for the release of the up & coming magnetic articulator base plate.

  • Logo - improved Tooltips.

Overall, we have improved the colouring of objects while working through modules which makes Blender's visual effects even better.

If you would like to upgrade you'll need to uninstall your current version first. Please send us a quick message through the website chat function for more info.

Thank you to our users who are always providing feedback, suggestions, and challenging us to create an even better suite of Blenderfordental modules.

We hope you enjoy the new Blender 3.2.

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