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Cross Section Tool - Essential!

The Cross Section Tool Module has been recently added to the library of Blenderfordental modules. It is the latest, essential module for the CAD enthusiast.

If you've ever wondered how to cross section dynamically so you can take a measurement - well, this is it!

Like Exocad or 3Shape, you can now view any object in cross section.

The Cross Section Tool consist of only a few menu buttons, but its functionality is enormous.

A handy shortcut key will instantly display a cross sectional plane in the 3D working window, no matter what B4D module you're working in. A new window also opens up which shows the 2D cross sectional view of the plane.

The best part is - you can actually edit the 2D view, which relays the change in the 3D object.

The plane can even follow a curve you make, which makes the Blenderfordental Cross Section Tool extremely versatile.

To get a feel of how it works, check out the video below.

The module is priced at US$39 and is available in the shop.

This is a one-off fee, and as usual you can install the module on 3 computers.

We hope you enjoy the module.

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