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Check this out! - Ruthinium Tooth Libraries.

We're excited to introduce the Ruthinium AcrySmart tooth libraries into B4D.

Ruthinium is a dynamic and modern family operated company located in Badia Polesine, Rovigo.

With over 50 years of experience in the dental sector, Ruthinium is a leader in the development of acrylic polymers and copolymers for removable dentures.

Ruthinium is a well known Italian brand which produces over 100,000 teeth per day, and exports to over 80 countries. Products range from denture teeth to acrylics, but also include milling discs and many other dental materials.

AcrySmart are premium denture teeth, and provides a great solution for those tricky cases with high aesthetic demands.

The AcrySmart tooth libraries can be downloaded through Blenderfordental's Implant Crowns & Components module. Just click on the installer in the 'Brand Libraries' folder.

We have already mounted the teeth onto the articulator mounting plate to make things easy.

A slight degree of tilt posteriorly has also been included, to accommodate the Curve of Spee and Monson. By the way, the Monson table is also new to the Articulator module, so if you want to use it, please install a new menu.

After running the tooth library installer, importing the AcrySmart teeth is easy. Select the teeth you want, check the catalog first to get the correct anterior/posterior match, then just push the thumbnail image. Voila! You may need to adjust the placement by sliding the posterior teeth back or forward.

We used the Bioform II arch to align the teeth to, and this gives a very pleasing result.

The AcrySmart teeth will be a main focus for the up & coming denture module, but they can already be used successfully for Diagnostic Waxups, as well as for Crown & Bridge work.

On behalf of B4D team, we would like to thank Barbara and Antonello for their amazing contribution to the Blenderfordental software.

Please visit and support Ruthinium, and have a look at their products.

We hope you enjoy.

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