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AI Segmentation is a recent addition to 3D Slicer, introduced in version 5.7.

To update the Guide Designer module to a newer version of 3D Slicer, please follow these instructions:

  1. Refresh the UI and install the Guide Designer update.

  2. Remove 3D Slicer version 5.6 from your computer.

  3. Install 3D Slicer 5.7 from the link below, which is also available on the Guide Designer module webpage.

  4. Open Blender and remove the BSB add-on, as demonstrated in the video below. Save Preferences and close Blender.

  5. Open Blender again and verify that the new add-on version is installed and the path has been selected correctly.

  6. Check out the new videos in the Guide Designer follow the green tick.



Want to purchase the Guide Designer? Click on this link

Please Note: The Guide Designer requires additional modules,  please check the Product Description. 

Are you still working with Blender 3.3 LTS? Time to upgrade with B4D's new User Interface (UI)
Download for free

Our user interface will consistently provide real-time updates, guaranteeing the smoothest operation of the software at all times.

  • Check out the instructions & video.

  • All users must update to the UI version before 15 March 2024, as the older system become obsolete. 

Desktop application only

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